Media&Values (Issues 31-41)


Tuning in to Television:
How the Magic Box Shapes Our Views, Vision and Culture
Issue #40-41
Summer/Fall 1987

Exploring the Theme
•    STARTING POINT: Life Before Television?
•    Escape From Gilligan's Island
•    We Are What We Watch: We Watch What We Are
•    Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More, But the White Rabbit Does
•    J.R. in Hell: Sin and Salvation on the Small Screen
•    Second Decade Marks Move to Wider Arena
•    Dawn of a New Decade
•    YOUTH: Wise Dating Is No Game
•    Media&Values: More than a Magazine
Reflection / Action
•    Outside From the Inside: Television in Jail
•    How Well Does Television Handle Social Issues?
•    MINORITIES: TV Stereotypes Ignore Dramas Of Life
•    Video Values: Questions for the Reflective Viewer
•    PASTORING: ‘Cosby’ Preaches Loving Lessons
•    CHILDREN: Learning to Decipher TV Culture
•    Use TV to Exercise Values

The Media Connection
Issue #39
Spring 1987

Exploring the Theme
•    STARTING POINT: The images still haunt me
•    Marketing the Military: Should Soldiering Be Sold Like Soap?
•    Stereotypes Mask Feelings of Fear
•    War is Hell... Pass the Popcorn
•    Toying With War
•    FAMILY: Working Together Gives Peace a Chance
Reflection / Action
•    YOUTH: War Is What? Media Confuses Teen Viewers
•    MINORITIES: Racism Still Implicit In Patriotic Come-Ons
•    PASTORING: Religion Must Rethink Military Metaphors
•    GLOBAL: One-Sided Images Feed Cold War Mystique
•    Questions Help Evaluate War Films

Cracking the Color Code:
Minorities in Media
Issue #38
Winter 1987

Exploring the Theme
•    STARTING POINT: How do you spell "minority?"
•    A Long Way to Go: Minorities and the Media
•    The Wrong Background: Issues of Newsroom Employment
•    "...And the Company President Is a Black Woman"
•    For 200 Years: Alternative Press Voices Dissident Views
Reflection / Action
•    How to Monitor the News
•    Minority Media: Hearing the Other Side
•    FAMILY: Learning to Live In Interracial World
•    CHILDREN:: Vigilant Parents Fill Media's Gaps
•    Beware: Video Classics
•    GLOBAL: World's Airwaves Echo Racist Attitudes

Selling the Dream:
Advertising and the Consumer Economy
Issue #37
Fall 1986

Exploring the Theme
•    STARTING POINT: My Father was a Salesman
•    Advertising: Hit or Myth?
•    Idols of the Marketplace
•    Cloning the Consumer Culture
•    When Creativity Isn't Enough
Reflection / Action
•    YOUTH: Material World Puts Price Tag on Values
•    WOMEN: Using Female Bodies For Sales and Profit
•    ADVOCACY: Marketing Justice Without Selling Out
•    MINORITIES: Ads Still Portray All-White Society
•    GLOBAL: Global Consumers Gain New Self-Awareness
•    How to Analyze an Advertisement

Wide World of Media Sports Issue #36
Summer 1986

Exploring the Theme
•    STARTING POINT: More than a Game
•    It's a Whole New Ball Game
•    The Man Who Invented TV Sports...
•    Reflections of a Fading Fan
•    Play Ball/Pay Ball
•    No Two Countries See the Same Olympics
•    Here She Comes...Miss America(n Sportswoman)
•    Sports Reporting Reflects Each Passing Era
Reflection / Action
•    WOMEN: Sexism, Hype Spoil Pleasure of Sport
•    PASTORING: Holy Arenas! A Look at Sport As Ritual
•    FAMILY: The Family That Plays Together...
•    Win, Lose or Draw: Sports Jargon in our Lives
•    A Good Example: Sports Figures as Role Models

Making the Media Work for You Issue #35
Spring 1986

Exploring the Theme
•    STARTING POINT: Dare to be Aware
•    Mapping A Geography of Media
•    Television Exerts Powerful Draw
•    Blueprint for Response-Ability
•    Framework for Social Analysis
•    Creating Cosby: The Power of Television
•    What are You Worth? Audience for Sale
Reflection / Action
•    WOMEN: Female Roles Still Distort Reality
•    Making the Media Work for You: Action Ideas for Families
•    PASTORING: Preaching Is Pastoral Prime Time
•    CHILDREN: Media's Message Can Fool Kids
•    FAMILY: Modeling the Medium: A Parent's Role
•    MINORITIES: Insinuating Images Influence Perceptions
•    GLOBAL: U.S. System Not Only Model

Rock and its Role Issue #34
Winter 1986

Exploring the Theme
•    STARTING POINT: Beyond Lyrics to the Meaning of Music
•    Lost Listeners Anoint Musical Messiahs
•    Rock Concerts Unite Body and Soul
•    How Hits Are Made: Radio's Rating Game
Reflection / Action
•    FAMILY: Shared Music Listening Opens Dialogue
•    YOUTH: Music Choices Shape Life Skills
•    WOMEN: Madonna: Siren or Symbol?
•    GLOBAL: It's a Small World For Pop Conglomerates
•    MINORITIES: Ethnic Music: Dial 'G' for Ghetto
•    ADVOCACY: Lyrics – Are They Singing Something Important?
•    Remember the Power of Music: A Questionnaire

Violence and Sexual Violence in the Media Issue #33
Fall 1985

Exploring the Theme
•    STARTING POINT: Sexual Violence in the Media
Exploring the Theme
•    Media’s New Mood: Sexual Violence
•    How Would You Rate this Film?
•    YOUTH: Teens Need Better Rites of Passage
•    WOMEN: Enough is Enough! Why Sexual Violence in the Media?
•    PASTORING: Media Mirrors Heart of Darkness
•    Networks Voice Views On Violence Research
•    Testimony Reveals Complexity of Sexual Violence Issue
Reflection / Action
•    MINORITIES: Who Commits Screen Sexual Violence?
•    ADVOCACY: Violence Against Women Tests Limits of the Law

Cultures Under Siege Issue #32
Summer 1985

Exploring the Theme
•    Decoding 'Dallas' Overseas
•    Muktuk and Mass Media
•    Pirating the Caribbean: Are New Media a New Colonialism?
•    Television in Trinidad
•    Endangered Species of the Media World
•    Reagan’s ‘Image-Makers’ Redefined the Presidency

Your Media and You Issue #31
Spring 1985

Exploring the Theme
•    Mourning the Late Great Book