Media Literacy Courses

Welcome to the Center for Media Literacy's Global On-ramp to Media Literacy! Today, we are all media consumers and producers who have the ability to communicate, influence and be influenced by others anywhere in the world. So, CML has designed this course as a public service to help people become more informed participants in our complex, global media environment. This 90-minute, self-guided course will give you a strong, foundational understanding of the concepts of media literacy. You will explore topics that range from CML’s long-proven Five Key Questions and Core Concepts and Empowerment Spiral, to CML’s MediaLit Kit – a collection of core ideas and tools that are fundamental to media literacy’s inquiry-based pedagogy. We hope you enjoy the journey as you discover CML's foundation for building new skills to navigate the thousands of messages that we send and receive each day.

The On-Ramp to Media Literacy
The On-Ramp to Media Literacy in Spanish
The On-Ramp to Media Literacy in Lithuanian
The On-Ramp to Media Literacy in Malay
The On-Ramp to Media Literacy in Portuguese