Literacy for the 21st Century

Literacy for the 21st Century: An Overview and Orientation Guide to Media Literacy Education

CML’s plain language introduction to the basic elements of inquiry-based media education is now available in two editions:

The 2nd Edition is expanded to include the Questions/TIPS (Q/TIPS) for both construction/production and deconstruction. This edition explains CML’s Five Core Concepts and Five Key Questions for both deconstruction and construction, from the points of view of both consumers and producers of media messages. This short book captures the basics of media literacy education, providing a basic understanding of the theory upon which media literacy rests. (Original edition updated by Tessa Jolls)

The 1st Edition only contains explanations of CML’s Five Core Concepts and Five Key Questions for deconstruction from the point of view of consumers of media messages. This is the “basic training” that helped ignite the field of media literacy. As a service to the field, CML provides its 1st Edition FREE. (Original edition by Elizabeth Thoman, Jeff Share and Tessa Jolls)

Literacy for the 21st Century is the book that has been discovered by media literacy advocates from throughout the world: it has been translated into numerous languages (including Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and Turkish) and has helped provide the underpinnings for the growth of the field internationally.