Media&Values (Issues 42-51)

Media and the Earth:
Challenging the Consumer Culture
Issue #51
Summer 1990
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Catch the Real Earth Day Fever
Where Does it Come From? Where Does it Go?
Envrionment News: No More Business as Usual
How We Connect with the Earth
CHILDREN: Finding Green Lessons in Fast Food
Reflection / Action
Brands R Us: How Advertising Works
MINORITIES: Ecological Reporters Awaken to Ethnicity
News for the '90s:
A Question of Values
Issue #50
Spring 1990
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Is the News Selling You Short?
Re-Touching Reality: Can Pictures Lie?
A Short History of News
Whatever Happened to the News?
The Birth of the Sound Bite
Can a Woman Deliver the News?
Study Debunks Myths About Newspaper Religion Beat
Reflection / Action
News: Balance Bias with Critical Questions
News: Beyond the Myth of Objectivity
CHILDREN: Parents Can Help Defuse Bad News
Gender in the Media / Part Two:
Redesigning Women
Issue #49
Winter 1990
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Discover the many faces of women in media.
Beauty...and the Beast of Advertising
Real Issues in a Reel World
Worlds Apart: Women, Men and Technology
Ads Pose Dilemma for Black Women
GLOBAL: War Against Media Sexism is Global
When Women Talk to Women, HerStory is Finally Told
No News Is Women's News
Reflection / Action
PASTORING: Eve's Legacy: Burden of Blame
How to Evaluate Media Images of Women
CHILDREN: Questions Help Challenge False Images
Sexist Advertisements: How to see through the soft sell
How to Conduct a Gender Survey of Your Local Newspaper
Gender in the Media / Part One:
Men, Myth and Media
Issue #48
Fall 1989
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Real Men Don’t Fall for Media Myths
Home, Home on the Remote: Why Do Men Control "the Clicker"?
Dads Through the Decades: Thirty Years of TV Fathers
Gendered Technology
YOUTH: Media Models Say Muscles Make Men
CHILDREN: Helping Children Challenge Male Stereotypes
Images of Men in Advertising
Study Shows White Male Experts Dominate News
Reflection / Action
How do Media Images of Men Affect Our Lives?
PASTORING: What Gender is God?
Boys Toys: What Does Technology Cost?
Media and Money:
How the Bottom Line Affects What We See and Hear
Issue #47
Summer 1989
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: From Wall Street to Your Street
The Culture of Capitalism
The Empire Strikes: Mergers in the Media World
When I Grow Up: Children and the Work-World of Television
Reflection / Action
CHILDREN: Economic Lessons for Young Viewers
Get Down to Business News
CHILDREN: Just Say ‘No’ To Garfield
Can TV Characters Pay Their Bills?
The Birds, the Bees.and Broadcasting:
What Media Teach Our Kids about Sex
Issue #46
Spring 1989
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Turning the tables on TV sex
Sex on TV: Do All Kids See the Same Show?
Sex and Consequences: Reflections of a TV Writer
Who's in the Dollhouse? Research reveals surprising role models
Reflection / Action
Tuning in to TV Sex: How to Use Media to Dialogue with your Children
Pastoring: Healthy Sexual Ethic Starts With Adults
MINORITIES: Hollywood Sour on Interracial Romance
Coming of Age:
Media and the Mature Audience
Issue #45
Winter 1989
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: It's not the same old story.
Lifeline or Leisure?
Video Visits Help Families Say 'I Love You'
Studies Analyze Elderly Use of Television
Producer's Lament: Bottom Line Still Tops
How does Hollywood Handle Ageism?
Going for the Gold: The Golden Girls are a Hit!
Attacking Ageism in Advertising
TVs Dark Vision Can Be Frightening to Elders
Reflection / Action
How to Watch Television with Your Grandchildren
CHILDREN: Media Help Fill Grandparent Gap
PASTORING: Senior Productions Raise Self-Esteem
ADVOCACY: TV Still Sidesteps Real Life Struggles
FAMILY: Oral Histories Harvest Family Heritage
Image or Issues?
Issue #44
Summer/Fall 1988
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: Whatever Happened to Potholders?
One Journalist's View: Informed Voters Must Reach Beyond Images
Power Politics: Reporting the Real Issues
Democracy Requires Access to Media Alternatives
Tony Schwartz: The Man Who Invented Political Spots
Press Conferences: Linking People With Their President
Reflection / Action
CHILDREN: TV Tool Teaches Election Basics
YOUTH: Training Creates Media Wise Voters
PASTORING: Faith Can Counter Campaign Cynicism
MINORITIES: TV Images Reflect Changing America
FAMILY: Questions to Analyze Political Media
How to Decode Political Images
Bill Moyers on Political Ads
The Selling of the President: 1984
Ethnic Diversity:
Challenging the Media
Issue #43
Spring 1988
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: We all come from somewhere
Covering Conflict: How the News Media Handles Ethnic Controversy
A Century of Abuse: Ethnic Images on Screen
Does TV Shape Ethnic Images?
Reflection / Action
Hollywood’s Arab: Still Stuck in the Desert
PASTORING: Stereotypes Back? It's No Joke
FAMILY: 'Tossed Salad' Culture Honors Diversity
Home Video:
The Revolution is Choice
Issue #42
Winter 1988
Exploring the Theme
STARTING POINT: It was bound to happen.
Video is Here to Stay
Undercutting “Slashers”: Evaluating Video Violence
China's Challenge: Modernize, not Westernize
Reflection / Action
The VCR: Questions for Family Reflection