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Title of Document: Canada Offers Ten Classroom Approaches to Media Literacy
Step by Step Guide for permission to reuse or duplicate...
  1. Copy the document title precisely as printed above.
  2. Click on the CCC logo above. It will take you to the home page of the Copyright Clearance Center.
  3. In the top right corner of the CCC home page is a yellow “Get permission / Find Title” search box. Paste the article title and hit the blue "go" button.
  4. On the next page select how you plan to use the article as that determines the price of the permission.
  5. Select the "price and order" button in order to get the base price of this article (typically only a few cents.)
  6. To complete your quote request answer these questions with the following information:
         Year: put the current year
         # pages: put the number "1"
         # students / # copies: put the number of copies you will need
  7. Click on "Get Price." If you choose to purchase the permission, put it in your shopping cart and either continue selecting articles for duplication or check out.
  8. You may pay by credit card or your school or organization may already have an account.
  9. Upon receipt of the administrative fee, a copyright release will be provided promptly by e-mail.
  10. To copy the article and/or book, download it from this website and make your copies.

Summary: CML Reprint / Re-use Policies

1. All materials on this site are copyrighted by CML or by the author, who has given us permission to post the work on the CML website.

2. We have also been granted the right from most, but not all, copyright owners to authorize permission for further distribution for educational use only. All CML-authored materials are available for educational and general use.

3. Teachers and students, trainers and professional educators with intention to disseminate or use an article or document need to have written permission to reuse / reprint via any print or electronic means. The CCC administers the permissions process quickly and easily and provides a legal proof of permission. A small charge may be collected to offset administrative costs of this service. Please check each document for availability as not all documents on this site are available for further distribution.

4. Schools, Districts, Publishers and Producers, Training and Textbook Companies should consider licensing the CML's MediaLit Kit™ in order to have full access to an established credible framework on which to build media literacy educational programs or curriculum applications.