Advertising / Consumerism

Media Literacy and Nutrition

Most researchers agree that children are able to understand the persuasive intent of advertising by the age of 8.  But that doesn’t mean they arrive at that age with the media literacy skills they need to adequately respond to the sophisticated strategies food advertisers use to draw their attention.  

Media and Body Image

Advertising sends contradictory messages to young people about food, dieting and fashion. We look at a recent survey regarding teen girls and their attitudes toward media and fashion. We also report on new research from the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media on the representation of women in family films.  

Advertising, Consumer Debt and Media Literacy

Advertising helped financial institutions convince consumers that incurring debt was not only reasonable, but a wise choice. We discuss the role of consumer credit in the U.S. economy, and how advertising and other media have kept us reaching for that credit. We also analyze the strategies that advertisers use to enable audiences to bypass their rational minds as they make purchasing decisions.