Voices of Media Literacy: CML News Release

July 22, 2011
                                                                                                For more information:
                                                                                                Tessa Jolls, CML
For Immediate Release:
Voices of Media Literacy, a project representing the individual points of view of 20 media literacy pioneers and leaders, has been launched today at www.medialit.com. “It is our hope and expectation that these discussions will provoke controversy, gestate more debate and most importantly, incite action in the education arena,” said Tessa Jolls, president, Center for Media Literacy, who sponsored the project with Dr. Barbara Walkosz, senior scientist at Klein Buendel and recently retired professor of communication at the University of Colorado-Denver. 
Participating pioneers – all of whom have devoted their careers to media education and many of whom are still actively practicing -- were asked the following questions during interviews recorded during spring 2010-2011:
·         Why did you become involved in media education?
·         What were your goals?
·         What has surprised you?
·         What are some experiences that you had early-on?
·         What are some milestones that you noted along the way, for yourself and for the field?
·         What informed and inspired your work?
·         How far do you think the field has come?
·         Do you think the field has moved in the direction you think best? Why or why not?
·         What would you like to see happen?
“Each transcript takes its own course, but in the end, a mosaic emerges,” said Dr. Walkosz. “There are many lessons to be learned from all these people who have contributed so much to the field.” 
Although media literacy is practiced globally, all 20 pioneers now reside in the English-speaking countries of England, Canada, Australia or the U.S. The 20 pioneers who participated in Voices of Media Literacy – all of whom were active in the field prior to 1990 --  are:
Neil Andersen (Canada); Cary Bazalgette (UK); David Buckingham (UK); Marilyn Cohen (US); David Considine (US); Barry Duncan (Canada); Jean Pierre Golay (US); Renee Hobbs (US); Douglas Kellner (US); Robert Kubey (US); Len Masterman (UK); Barrie McMahaon (Australia); Kathryn (Kate) Moody (US); Renee Cherow-O’Leary (US); James Potter (US); Robyn Quin (Australia); Marieli Rowe (US); Elizabeth Thoman (US); Kathleen Tyner (US); and Chris Worsnop (Canada).