Imitations of Immortality: How Children Learn a Culture of Consumerism

A mother reflects on how "commercial media teaches our children to settle for the pose. . .Our challenge as parents and educators is to lead children beyond the shallow poses sold by the media to the processes of a truly engaged life. It is, after all, the capacity to think deeply and independently that will lead to true accomplishment and the clearest expression of who they really are."

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This article originally appeared in a special Symposium Issue on Media Literacy and Arts Education,in Arts Education Policy Review, Vol. 102, No. 6; p. 23-24, July/August, 2001.

Reused with permission of the Helen Dwight Reid Educational Foundation. Published by Heldref Publications, 1319 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036-1802. Copyright © 2001

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Elizabeth Lewis is a Washington writer who has worked in the U.S. Senate on arts and education issues.