Aspen Media Literacy Conference - Part III

Media Literacy: From Activism to Exploration. (Conference backgrounder)



Special thanks for assistance and input to: Charles Firestone and Katharina Kopp, Aspen Institute; Elizabeth Thoman, Center for Media Literacy; Barry Duncan, Association for Media Literacy; Marieli Rowe, National Telemedia Council; Julian Low, National Alliance of Media Arts Centers; James Brown, University of Alabama; Kathleen Tyner, Strategies for Media Literacy; Deborah Leveranz, Southwest Alternate Media Project, and Elizabeth Zappa, my wife. All contents,

Author Bio: 

J. Francis Davis, an adult educator and media education specialist, was on the staff of the Center for Media Literacy from 1989 to 1992. He holds an M.Div. from Candler School of Theology at Emory University, Atlanta where he currently works in the computer industry and lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children.