Media Literacy: A System for Learning AnyTime, AnyWhere

Media Literacy: A System for Learning AnyTime, AnyWhere
By Tessa Jolls
President and CEO
Center for Media Literacy

A System for Learning Trilogy includes:  Change Management, Deconstruction, and Critical Construction

Schools want to provide students with the know-how they need to succeed in 21st century settings, but they need the tools and resources to be able to deliver 21st century curricula in a 21st century way. How?
Having an articulated philosophy of education as well as a research-based framework for media literacy are both essential for introducing and sustaining a media literacy program. Just as important is having a systematic approach to training teachers, developing lessons and curricula, and assessing student work so that students and teachers alike gain a common vocabulary that can be used from classroom to classroom. 
Media Literacy: A System for Learning, provides teachers with a reliable method for helping students gain information processing skills while also mastering content knowledge. Built around CML’s research-based framework, Questions/TIPS (Q/TIPS), a concise and clear method for creating lessons and curricula is included, as well as e-books explaining how 21st Century curricula differs from the lessons of the past, professional development modules for the corresponding parts and Tools for Implementation.
This system has been implemented across the country and internationally and builds upon CML’s implementation and evaluation experience. Read how Hathaway Brown School put the system to use for its students.  Read the e-books Change Management and Deconstruction/Construction, and download Parts 1, 2, 3 for Media Literacy: A System for Learning AnyTime, AnyWhere. 
Professional Development presentation also available below.