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"When searching for literature for my thesis I found a lot of material on media literacy but it seemed the more I found the more confused I became on the subject. It helped when I stumbled upon the CML MediaLit Kit. I think it's the most wise and well written on the subject and more importantly it combines theory and practice in a straightforward manner."  Jonas Jakobsen, Copenhagen, Denmark


A group of media and information literacy educators and organizations representing a broad range of sectors met in London, Ontario at Western University on Sept. 20 and 21, 2016 to form the North American Sub-Chapter of the UNESCO-initiated Global Alliance for Partnerships on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL) network. Through GAPMIL, organizations from over eighty countries have agreed to join forces and work together on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) initiatives that cross cultural barriers and enhance global dialogue and cooperation. Together, the organizations promote capacity building and support MIL in homes, schools and communities through initiatives that reinforce education and civic participation.  The North American Chapter will be co-chaired by CML's Tessa Jolls and Michael Hoechsmann, Associate Professor, Lakehead University, Orillia, Canada.

Commit2MediaLit! Campaign

The campaign Commit2MediaLit! is being launched for Media Literacy Week October 31-November 4.  Follow CML's  facebook page for updates and watch for YouTube videos with students and media literacy advocates from around the world.  We will bring you short video interviews of college students, taught by Dr. Natasha Casey and Spencer Brayton at Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL., and Brooklyn College and  high school students taught by Dr. Belinha De Abreu.  In addition, media literacy practitioners attending major meetings in San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Rome will be interviewed. All of these reports will be available on YouTube through a channel sponsored by the Center for Media Literacy: and Twitter #Commit2MediaLit.  

The mission of Media Literacy Week is to highlight the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education today. For the full schedule of U.S. Media Literacy Week activities visit NAMLE


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Media Arts Standards California UPDATE

Thank you Dain Olsen for your commitment to Media Arts instruction in California.  Expand this announcement (click on headline) for more information including a link to the CA bill, and PDF Media Arts Education Introduction. 

UPDATE Aug. 26, 2015 GREAT NEWS!!
Thanks to your rapid and powerful advocacy, I have received the following communication from the Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) Tom Torlakson (finalized by Jack Mitchell), reassuring the media arts community that he is committed to including Media Arts in the next VAPA standards revision! We are beyond thrilled that this discipline not only will be considered in the revision because it exists in National Core Arts Standards, as it was previously in a similar bill - SB975 - last year, but there is now a stated commitment to "working with the legislature next year to ensure the explicit inclusion of Media Arts in California’s visual and performing arts content standards!”  In other words, there will be Media Arts Standards in the next revision!

This provides a certain platform from Superintendent Torlakson around which we can galvanize this supportive community for the development of these standards, and obviously in advocating, promoting and developing towards Media Arts institutional implementation in California! So, I will be in contact with you all again soon as I will need much assistance now in reaching out to all interested supporters and media arts educators, artists, scholars, organizations, companies and students in order to begin forming this community. I will continue to keep you updated as this work moves forward in the following months and next year. 

Spread the news! And many thanks again for your support and attention to this urgent matter!

Dain Olsen

Media Arts Writing Chair, NCCAS
Lead Teacher/Coordinator
Multimedia Academy, Belmont HS, LAUSD
Faculty, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Master of Arts Teaching

August 23, 2016: URGENT
Dear Colleagues, Friends and Supporters of Media Arts Education,
"Media Arts” has been specifically excluded from consideration for new arts standards for California in AB 2862, which will delay its inclusion as a formal arts education discipline for at least another generation. This is beyond my comprehension, given California’s historic legacy in its birth and development, its vital “Creative Economy”, and our “multimedia-centered" 21st C society!

As a “media arts educator” in LAUSD for over 25 years, I have seen firsthand the power of this unique discipline to change students’ lives, to instill excitement, to empower their voices, and to foster their learning, communicating and creativity. Media Arts is simply magical in its ability to give ALL students a means of expressing themselves in the media that they experience as audiences every day of their lives. This keeps students in school, and helps them to experience writing, research and complex production processes as meaningful and rewarding! Furthermore, it supports their critical awareness of media and digital environments,and prepares them to be participatory and proactive citizens in a democratic society.

Media arts, with its diversifying and complex new virtual and interactive forms, has the potential to foster a new form of cultural and design centered learning, including STEAM, that can propel the next generation to invent innovative solutions for our contemporary challenges. This will empower all of the arts in the next century, and support core instruction in culturally relevant and authentic applications.

Media Arts is endorsed by all national arts organizations and their affiliates (National Coalition for Core Arts Standards, NCCAS) and by other national media organizations, such as the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture, and the National Association of Media Literacy Education. It has been, or is in the process of being adopted by over 20 states. In California, it is prominently endorsed as a Key Recommendation within State Superintendent Tom Torlakson’s "Blueprint For Creative Schools”.

Please see the attached document for a more detailed introduction to the discipline and its benefits for students, schools and communities, and its standards-based outcomes for 21 C learning and creativity.

Please join me in supporting the inclusion of “Media Arts Standards” for consideration in the renewal of California’s Visual and Performing Arts Standards for the 21st Century!


Your endorsement is truly important at this critical moment! Any other communication or advocacy you can perform is strongly encouraged! Let me know if you want to participate further. And feel free to forward this email to all who might be interested!

Dain Olsen

Media Arts Writing Chair, NCCAS
Lead Teacher/Coordinator
Multimedia Academy, Belmont HS, LAUSD
Faculty, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Master of Arts Teaching

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New Interview for Voices of Media Literacy Project

We've added a new interview to the Voices of Media Literacy project - Victor C. Strasburger, MD.   Dr. Strasburger is a pediatrician who has study children and media for more than 30 years.  The Voices of Media Literacy project includes more than 20 interviews with media literacy pioneers.  Find the interviews here

Media Literacy Strategies for Children, Youth and Family Nonprofits UPDATE

UPDATE: Videos of the presentation are now available on CML's YouTube channel. 

Media Literacy Strategies for Children, Youth and Family Nonprofits (  Nonprofits serving children, youth and families can increase public support and understanding for their clients by helping their own staffs as well as community members to become better consumers of media, mass and social, and to use media more effectively for information and advocacy.

Improved media literacy also can positively change people’s attitudes and behaviors regarding violence, nutrition, body image, vaccines, addiction or sexuality. Media literacy programs can be aligned with direct services, community education and other nonprofit activities, all aimed at empowering the community towards healthful habits and communication. Media literacy expert Tessa Jolls, CEO of the Center for Media Literacy, will lead this exploration of basic concepts of media literacy, and how these can be shared with nonprofit staff and Boards, and with children, youth and families themselves.  This workshop is another activity of the Valley Nonprofit Resources Children, Youth and Family Nonprofit Initiative - co-sponsored by the Child Development Institute and the CSUN Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing.  Refreshments and handouts will be provided. For more information and to register please contact Ashley Wright, 818-677-2774 or

Location: Tarzana Providence Medical Center

Date of Event: 
Tuesday, February 23, 2016 - 16:00