Voices of Media Literacy: International Pioneers Speak : Robyn Quin Interview Transcript

DATE OF INTERVIEW: Tuesday, March 22, 2011
There is so much emphasis on the kids getting their work to look really good and polished that you see a lot of derivative work; that instead of creating something new and exciting they are copying the forms they see in the popular media and trying to get them looking as polished as feature films, music videos, etc. So I don’t see much of creative imagination or using the media as a form of critical analysis or analysis of the media itself... So the pressure to get a highly polished piece of work out is very strong but I’m not sure you learn as much with that focus as you do with trying to break the rules instead of trying to copy the rules. What students are doing is internalizing the conventions and very rarely challenging them.
Robyn Quin is Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) at Curtin University of Technology. Prior to joining Curtin, Professor Robyn Quin was Pro Vice-Chancellor responsible for Teaching and Learning and Executive Dean of the Faculty of Communications and Creative Industries at Edith Cowan University. She began her career as a teacher of English Literature.
Selected Questions:
Why did you become involved with media education?
What were some of the experiences that you had early on?
Did you see some changes in terms of the purpose of media studies and how the subject was delivered?
What were some other milestones?
What were some of your personal milestones?
Where do you see the field now?
What would you like to see happen?
What would you like to see with teacher training?

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