Voices of Media Literacy: International Pioneers Speak : Robert Kubey Interview Transcript

INTERVIEW DATE: Thursday, April 14, 2011
I used to say... I don’t care so much that kids were spending three hours a day with television, I care about what television they were choosing to look at.
Robert Kubey is Professor and Director of the Center for Media Studies in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. His latest book is “Creating Television: Conversations with the People Behind 50 Years of American TV,” with other books including “Media Literacy in the Information Age” and “Television and the Quality of Life: How Viewing Shapes Everyday Experience.” He received his doctorate from the Committee on Human Development in the Department of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Chicago.
Selected Questions:
What inspired your journey in terms of getting to the point of looking at media and media education?
Generally, how did you become involved in media education, if you want to talk a little bit about what got you interested from the start?
Were there certain theoretical inspirations or certain scholars that you were reading at the time that got you thinking about media literacy in education?
 Did you have specific goals with your work?
Can you talk a bit about the barriers to media education you spoke of earlier?
Can you elaborate on your philosophical approach to media education?
In terms of the field in general, do you have a feel for where we're going in terms of the scholarly discipline around the subject?
Do you have an opinion of where it is right now? Where it should go or the direction it should go forward?
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