Voices of Media Literacy: International Pioneers Speak : Kathleen Tyner Interview Transcript

DATE OF INTERVIEW:  Thursday, September 23, 2010
When you define a field, it has certain characteristics before it becomes a field. One of these characteristics is an agreement on professional practices -- common shared knowledge of professional practices. For example, journalism has broadly recognized professional practices that define the field. Media literacy doesn’t have a comparable consensus.
Kathleen Tyner is associate professor in the Dept. of Radio-TV-Film in the College of Communications at the University of Texas at Austin. As author of texts such as “Literacy in a Digital World: Teaching and Learning in the Age of Information,” and “Visions/Revisions: Moving Forward with Media Literacy,” Tyner is an expert on media literacy and the uses of new media in formal and informal learning spaces. She began her career in journalism and media production in San Francisco.
Selected Questions:
How did you become involved in media education?
Were there specific texts and scholars that inspired you?
Any obstacles or surprises?
So, do you think media education belongs in the education system?
Are they (teachers) being constrained?
Do you see a specific outlet, for example, digital storytelling, or something along those lines?
In regards to the field of media education, what you would like to see happen in the future?
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