STARTING POINT:Is the News Selling you Short?


This article originally appeared in Issue# 50

In the vital area of news, what is real is too often shaped by reporters and correspondents who are rarely allowed the luxury of depth. Or, more likely, by news executives who value ratings and sales more than the public trust.

Is the news business selling its soul for profits? How was the news transformed from what's important to what's entertaining? This special issue of Media&Values gives you a fresh perspective on how news is changing, what's missing in the news and how to spot bias and misinformation in news coverage, both print and electronic. Other articles examine the impact of computer imaging in the credibility of photographs and the issue of privacy — just how far should journalists go to get a story?

If all you know is what the news reports, you're missing a lot of the world.

"You'll never look at news the same way again."