STARTING POINT: From Wall Street to Your Street


This article originally appeared in Issue# 47

Is there a bottom to the bottom line?

In recent years we have witnessed a mind-boggling scenario — phenomenal wealth juxtaposed against an exploding crisis of poverty, homelessness and global famine. The media has been in a unique position to capture this dichotomy; indeed the industry has been a participant as conglomerates and moguls scramble for a bigger piece of the lucrative communications pie.

What is the price we pay for our culture of capitalism? Can ethical values survive in a consumer economy? Where is investigative journalism on economics issues?

Media&Values tackles these questions and more in this special issue: Media and Money. With insight and clarity, it delves into media's fiscal affairs and the impact the bottom line has on us all.

"An enlightened look at media's fiscal affairs...takes a complex subject and makes sense of it for all of us."
—Fred Carroll, Union Producers & Programmers Network