STARTING POINT: Catch the Real Earth Day Fever


This article originally appeared in Issue# 51

It takes more than recycling to care for the earth. More than a star-studded prime-time extravaganza. More than a multi-million dollar ad campaign financed by oil companies or fast-food chains.

As the world finally turns to restoring the planet, we must first restore our faith in the media that collect, interpret and disseminate the information we depend upon to make informed and wise decisions. This issue of Media&Values takes you inside the "greening of the media" to make the clear link between environmental values and the values of the media-driven consumer culture in which we all swim.

"...a penetrating look at how media cover environmental issues...must-reading for everyone concerned about the fate of the earth." — Hazel Henderson, author, Politics of the Solar Age

"Thanks for tackling the false values of shopping mall materialism...I happily recommend this issue."
— David R. Brower, chair, Earth Island Institute