Minority Media: Hearing the Other Side


This article originally appeared in Issue# 38

Help your class or discussion group become more aware of minority media. Assign one of the following activities as an individual journal experience or a group report:

  • Check the Internet to find and compare reviews of a current film targeted to an ethnic or racial minority audience in a — daily newspaper — black or Hispanic newspaper or magazine — women's publication — other film review Internet sites. How does each one view the film's characters and theme? Is it perceived “controversial?”
  • Visit a newsstand and bring in a copy of the following publications (or others) targeted to a specific ethnic audience : Ebony, Essence, Nuestro, Vista, Jade, Jet, Atteizzione, Greek Accent, Moment, etc. What subjects are important to each group? How are news and personalities treated? Pay special attention to illustrations. What products are advertised in each publication? How can reading these publications widen your own point of view?