CML's Basic Framework

CML’s Basic Framework: A Research-Based Approach

It’s not enough for youth to know how to use technology and to press the right buttons: it’s critical thinking that counts! CML’s basic framework for media literacy provides children with an internalized process for critical thinking and discernment that is an essential guide for lifelong learning.

Learning to apply CML’s framework to any media message is a core skill for life in the 21st Century, but before teachers can teach, they must first understand and experience media literacy for themselves.

Professional development is essential for learning to teach in a way compatible with 21st Century skills.CML’s experience shows that, with proper training, teachers can learn to integrate media literacy into lesson plans for core subjects in as little as 20 minutes; with only one day’s training, teachers can show results in student learning and in impacting attitudes and behaviors.

CML’s goal is to provide teachers with the basics they need to understand media literacy, to be able to implement model curricula, and to design their own activities, lessons and curricula using a research-based approach that has been tested in a variety of locations with a variety of students at all levels: elementary, middle school and high school.

Whether the subject is health or the arts, CML’s philosophy of Empowerment through Education and its Questions/TIPS framework provide an underpinning that works.