Project SMARTArt Videos

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Asking Key Questions
Length: 00:17

Leo Politi teacher Ralph Sanders gives examples of how is using the Key Questions of Media Literacy in his classroom today. Some shots of students working, as well.

What is Media?
Length: 00:30

Leo Politi teacher Lorena Mendoza explores media forms with students and connects media usage to math class.

Dancing for Expression
Length: 1:00

Music Center teaching artist Amy Simshon-Santo helps special education students at Leo Politi focus on their bodies as media for expression.

Who is Bigger?
Length: 00:18

Center for Media Literacy trainer Jeff Share uses photography to teach Leo Politi students about special effects and how camera angles make a difference in story-telling.

Media is Architecture!
Length: 00:53

Todd Smith, Music Center teaching artist, discusses how media influences his art and that of his students, who are shown working on projects.

I Will Miss You Cousin!
Length: 00:45

Through a community-related visual arts projects, in which the Leo Politi class created signage that communicated messages about buildings that the students designed, a student expresses his grief and articulates what happened in his native country of El Salvador.

Connection with Literacy
Length: 00:16

Leo Politi teacher Joan Austin tells how media literacy work has improved writing skills.

Playing with Guns
Length: 00:34

Winner of the 2004 animation festival H2ed in New York, "Playing with Guns" is a 30-second animation short produced by kindergarten students at Leo Politi Elementary School as part of Project SMARTArt, during a workshop conducted by AnimAction, Inc.

A Mother's Story
Length: 1:43

A Family Album Writing Workshop for Leo Politi School students' parents, providing an opportunity to learn about Project SMARTArt and media literacy and to share family history.

SMARTArt Lives!
Length: 00:19

Leo Politi teacher Lorenza Yarnes discusses how Project SMARTArt is being sustained by teachers who participated in the program.

Montage of Students
Length: 00:57

Children making music and drawing as part of Project SMARTArt.

Montage of Students
Length: 01:03

Children making music and drawing as part of Project SMARTArt, featuring Andrew Grueschow, Music Center teaching artist.