Voices of Media Literacy: International Pioneers Speak : Renee Cherow-O'Leary Interview Transcript

DATE OF INTERVIEW: Tuesday, November 23, 2010
I think the most important question might be, where is media literacy going? It is wonderful to know that there is a new generation coming up with new ideas that will invigorate media literacy and media studies. 
Renée Cherow-O’Leary is President of Education for the 21st Century, a media consulting group in New York City which develops curriculum and educational materials primarily for children, parents and teachers in multiple platforms, conducts qualitative research, and develops conceptual “white papers” for non-profit and for-profit educational organizations. Among other university appointments, Dr. O’Leary has served as professor of English Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and as a visiting scholar at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. She began her career in newspaper reporting and children’s book publishing.
Selected Questions:
What inspired your journey in terms of getting to the point of looking at media and media education? Generally, how did you become involved in media education, if you want to talk a little bit about what got you interested from the start?
So, McLuhan and Postman were inspiring your work. Anyone else that you can remember that kind of inspired your interest or events that were going on at the time that pushed you in that direction?
Were there obstacles or surprises along the way that effected your teaching efforts - different viewpoints you encountered that affected your work?
Can you talk about personal milestones or milestones that you see in terms of your work in Media Literacy and Media Education -- things that stand out for you as important moments?
In terms of the field of media education and media literacy, do you think we've come far enough or that we're moving in the right direction?

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